Platforms TV Everywhere and ID management platforms.

Next-gen TVE is today's TV. Cloud Hub and Cloud Pass are modular, flexible and scalable leading platforms that make up the most complete solution to jump into the Cloud Experience. Great functionalities ensure an outstanding TVE to enjoy anywhere, anytime, on any device.

CLOUD HUB Centralize content in a single place.

Cloub Hub is a complete and flexible solution to organize and index metadata of one or more content providers, enrich it with other databases and transform the TV into a completely different experience.

Flexible to develop the most competitive strategy.

With Cloud Hub technology you can distribute content through video hubs adaptive or feed third- party platforms with own content. Our solutions are 100% personalized.

Complete to optimize TV experience.

It is complete because it can organize and index metadata from one or more content providers; enrich it with other databases and transform the TV into a completely different experience. Cloud Hub indexes, adapts and gathers contents ingested by different sources. It manages contents in an integrated way, presents it as unique in the platform but at the same time maintaining their different sources and rights.

Automate Content Management System.

For metadata management, Cloud Hub technology performs an automatically handle update of contents. It enables to change part of the content and also add extra information, such as IMDB's links or directors. Cloud Hub technology makes change control so that import does not replace changes but it allows them, for example, on the publication window.
The most complete and flexible CMS that also manage client own content by integrating our transcoding, DRM and CDN solutions.

Intelligent Data Collector.

Each content provider's system sends the information through different methods (JSON, WS, etc.). The data connector customizes each integration and remains it even when the content provider makes changes.
The data normalizer unifies genres; it standardizes the different unique fields to obtain a homogenous front end. This system supports a variety of entertainment content, such as TV shows, movies and live events.

SaaS platforms, ZerO hardware.

More than simple: you access the platform and its functionalities through Internet. You do not need to install, maintain or upgrade any software. That means a significant cost reduction and practically instant deployment.

High availability, high speed.

Cloud Hub technology platforms run on more than 50 servers distributed from coast to coast, ready to support peaks in traffic up to millions of users.
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Video hub devices.

Customizable user interfaces, developed to suit every device.

CLOUD PASS Single Sign On for a simple authentication.

Cloud Pass, our exclusive authentication module, flows fast, simple and secure through different devices.

Single Sign On.

Cloud Pass is an easy and secure multi-screen protection for both parties involved: operators and consumers. Users do not need to re login every time they change devices.

Simplifying user's experience.

A single login validates the subscription across multiple devices. No plug-in or additional downloads are required. Social ID and IP Login are included.

Simplifying Operators work.

Cloud Pass ensures that only registered users can access content. It allows easy, single and direct integration with multiple programmers and top operators. It is integrated with MSO billing platform.
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CLOUD EXPERIENCE We enhance user's experience.

Only each user knows his preferences at 100%, and also knows that they can change. Cloud TV opens a limitless range of contents. We help to generate unique experiences, your own Cloud Experience.

Personalized is the new style of Cloud TV.

Everywhere, anytime, on any device. That is just the base of TVE. To make each experience really unique, our technology provides a simple interface, enriched with a customizable module. Users can create their own experience according to their preferences, or share friend's choices with our social network linking platform.
With different domain modules, each subscriber account can differentiate between users, handle separately each account's preferences and even apply a parental control filter for the content chosen by their children.

Find your favorite content instantly.

Toolbox's Cloud Hub technology provides an optimal, fast and easy search engine by indexing contents to resolve correctly any query. Users find their favorite content instantly.
With autocomplete function, users can see suggested parameters while typing in the search box; streamlines the search with outstanding results and a semantic search engine that solves even wrongly written words

Recommendation engines improve interaction.

When a large amount of content is available, users may feel overwhelmed and may be just a search engine is not enough. Based on different algorithm analysis, Toolbox's Cloud Hub technology provides a recommendation engine based on each subscriber preferences. It is an extra service to help users to discover new interesting content and helps operators to expand search ranges.
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