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Next-gen TVE and ID Management Solutions, developed to suit each cable operator or content provider's needs; completes or to integrate with existing services. Start Cloud-TV experience now.


Distribute just content, is not enough. The new television expands user's experience, decreases infrastructure costs and generates huge opportunities for content providers. Take advantage of connectivity and delete limits is the key.

CLOUD TV. We improve the experience.

Cloud hub is the most complete solution for CP.

Cloud Hub is the key solution to expand content distribution services. It is complete because it can organize and index metadata from one or more content providers, enrich it with other databases and transform the TV into a completely different experience.
It is flexible because it allows content distribution through video hub adaptive or feed third-party platforms with own content.
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Cloud Pass makes user's authentication simple.

Cloud Pass is an easy and safe multi-screen protection for both parties involved: operators and subscribers. It ensures that only registered users have access to the service, validating them with a Single Sign On to enjoy different contents across multiple devices. It also provides users with two new functions to simplify even more the validation experience: Social ID and IP Login.
It has a multi-platform support with easy and direct integration with programmers and top operators. It is integrated with MSO billing platform.
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Flexible and complete Content Management System

For metadata management, Cloud Hub technology performs an automatically handle update of contents. It enables to change part of the content and also add extra information, such as IMDB's links or directors. Cloud Hub technology makes change control so that import does not replace changes but it allows them, for example, on the publication window.
The most complete and flexible CMS that also manage client own content by integrating our transcoding, DRM and CDN solutions.

MSO SOLUTIONS Position your service a step forward.

Cable operators must increase end users engagement by optimizing their new TV experience. Add outstanding capabilities and innovated functions they will love. Your subscribers enjoy TV; we enjoy working to improve your service.

Centralize contents with Cloud Hub.

Toolbox Cloud Hub technology is a complete solution to cable operators. It integrates with content management systems of one or more content providers; it takes and index metadata, and also enriches it with other databases -such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes- to offer a wider television experience, completely different.
Operators gain flexibility to develop the most competitive strategy: deliver content through video hub adaptive or feed platforms with own content.
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Cloud Pass simplifies user's authentication.

Cloud Pass is a multi-platform module validation; it is easy and secure for both parties: operators and end users. It ensures that only registered users can access the platform with a Single Sign On validation to enjoy standard or premium content across multiple devices. It also offers two extra functions for end users: Social ID and IP Login to streamline and improve the validation experience.
It has easy, single and direct integration with multiple operators and it is embedded with the MSO billing platform.
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Learn more about users to optimize strategies.

Cloud Hub technology includes a content management with direct Access to content that allows to track every deviation to other sites, get reports and statistics. Cloud Hub reports system, integrated to Google Analytics, tracks all user movements to know their characteristics, behavior and preferences across multiple devices.
Thus cable operators may collect and manage data to obtain an instant measurement or generate historical reports, complete and easy to analyze. This is the key to optimize strategies and define results. Learn how to improve each user's experience to stand out on every device.

CONSUMER ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS It is time you choose your way to enjoy TV.

Imagine all the content together in an easy-to-use platform. Add immediate availability. Choose your favorite device. Decide when and where you want to enjoy it. The result: a truly new personalized TV experience.

One platform, all content.

It is clear that users do not consume a single content. Our solutions enable them to enjoy their different preferences -live or on-demand; music, video, news and fun; affiliate, OTT and their own content- all in a single platform. Yes, you read it right, it is not just about external content; user content is welcome and available on the same all-in-one platform.

Sign on? We make it simple.

Cloud Pass is our own user authentication module. Let's describe it in two words: secure and simple. Cloud Pass includes Single Sign On; one login validates users across multiple devices. They do not need to re login every time they change screen. And for those who rarely remember their username and much less the password, Cloud Pass includes two great functions: Social ID, to integrate with their Facebook or Google+ accounts, and IP Login, to streamline validation through user IP.

Users control the experience.

TV everywhere, anytime, on any screen. We take this seriously and work hard to improve it. For a really personal experience Cloud Hub's technology provides a simple-to-use interface, enhanced with a customizable module. Each subscriber can generate his own experience according to his preferences or share friend's choices with our social network linking platform.
With different domain modules, each subscriber account can differentiate between users, handle separately each account's preferences and even apply a parental control filter for the content chosen by their children.