About us Passion for digital strategy. We work to improve the new TV.

Toolbox was born in May 2001 as an interactive agency, offering website development services, social media and mobile marketing for Latin American leading companies.

In October 2010 Toolbox developed its first TV Everywhere customized platform for Moviecity, creating Moviecity Play. It made a turn and climbed fast. Since then, Toolbox refocused its business towards the development of the new television, devising and creating market-leading products in Latin America, as Cloud Pass and TVE/IDM platforms.

To ensure end-to-end solutions for content managers and users, Toolbox has leading worldwide partners like Accedo, thePlatform and Widevine.

Toolbox team is integrated by developers and designers, passionate about digital strategy and TV industry. We enjoy doing the hard work behind the scene to take the new television a step further.

Join our team Join Toolbox team.

You like teamwork. You value relaxed environments. You are creative. You are passionate about technology. You understand that achievements are not the result of one person work. You love generating and discussing innovative ideas; you spread enthusiasm to make them happen. So you have everything you need to join Toolbox.

You must enjoy your work.

At Toolbox we let your imagination and talent run wild. We want you to take care of your work as much as ours. We want you to be the best because our achievements are the result of our people commitment. You spend much of your day working; we want you to enjoy it. We strive to be a great company for our customers and for our people.

Toolbox grows fast. Join us.

We share the same passion, embrace an idea and carry it out as a team. We are market-leader developers of Cloud TV solutions. If you are ready, we want to hear about you.

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